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Pointedly 2.1.0 release

This version addresses many of the issues you have reported. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Improve color contrast in dark mode
  • Support for external keyboard when entering scores
  • Manage players from scorecard screen
  • Better iPad experience

Thanks for all your kind words and helpful feedback!

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Pointedly 2.0.1 release

This fixes an issue some people had migrating their data from the previous version of the app into this new version. In case your data is migrated twice, just go into the game and person lists from the Home Screen and merge the duplicates. Cheers!

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Pointedly 2.0.0 release

Pointedly 2.0 is the biggest update yet. The app was completely rewritten to be even faster, simpler, and more powerful.

iCloud syncing keeps your data safe and consistent across devices.

New game templates make it easy to configure the settings for a game once and use it over and over.

Exciting new stats for games and people let you track victories in a whole new way.

The app comes loaded with some sample data to let you get familiar with the different options.

Game nights have never been so fun or so easy. Instead of fighting over who has to keep score, everyone will clamor to track it in Pointedly.

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Pointedly 1.5.0 release

  • 2 min read

We are thrilled to be able to get out another update before the holidays and all the game nights you have planned. This update is full of small tweaks and improvements to your score keeping experience.

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Pointedly 1.4.0 release

  • 1 min read

Thank you for the great feedback and the generous tips. We are thrilled to bring you a few new features and fixes in time for Christmas.

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Pointedly 1.3.1 release


  • Fixed a crash when creating and viewing a pointcard without any players. Thanks Jana S. for reporting it!
  • Fixed a crash when navigating or updating a score on smaller screens when the score was off-screen. Thanks Austin A. for reporting it!


  • Added a confirmation when tapping “End game” to prevent accidentally ending the game early. Thanks Tom S. for requesting it!

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Pointedly 1.3.0 release

  • 1 min read

New Features

  • Search for a previous game while creating a new game to restart with the same players and settings. Thanks Christine S. and Heather M. for suggesting it!
  • View number of wins for all players in the player list. Thanks Cristi M., Damian C. and Colleen N. for suggesting it!
  • Sort players by number of games, number of wins, or alphabetically. Thanks Cristi M. and Colleen N. for suggesting it!

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Pointedly 1.2.0 release

  • 1 min read

Just in time for the holidays, this version makes two key features much easier: entering scores and adding players to games.

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