Pointedly 1.2.0 release

Just in time for the holidays, this version makes two key features much easier: entering scores and adding players to games.

Entering scores

One of the most requested features was to add a simple calculator to make it simpler to add up your scores. This is particularly helpful for those games late at night when your brain doesn’t want to do any more. Simply calculate the score as needed, or just enter it directly.

Adding players

The previous version made it much easier to add players that you had already set up, but it was a little harder to get them in the first time. Now, you can just type the player’s name. If they’ve already played a game, you’ll see them show up and you can tap to add them to the new game. Otherwise, just hit “Done” to create a new player. Quick and simple!

This version also added an Undo and Redo button right in the game screen to make it clearer and easier, addresses a number of bugs and makes minor performance improvements throughout the app.

Thanks for all your comments and feedback, as well as your generous tips. Reviews make it much easier for other people to find Pointedly, so if you have a minute to leave a review, that would be a huge help.

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