Pointedly 1.4.0 release

Thank you for the great feedback and the generous tips. We are thrilled to bring you a few new features and fixes in time for Christmas.

New Features

  • Manually edit date for games so they can show up in the app as they actually happened. Thanks Bigker and Taylor for requesting it!
  • Tap on a player’s avatar while scoring a game to update the image for the avatar. Thanks Tatum N. for requesting it!


  • Fixed a crash when sharing the results of a game from an iPad using iOS 10. Thanks JB, David J., Scott C., John B., and Steve C. for reporting it!
  • Fixed a problem with the wrong player getting a score when sorting players by score. Thanks John B., Jon S., Curtis F., Jordan A., Edgar R., and Tatum N. for reporting it!
  • Choosing an image for an avatar on an iPad now sizes the images properly. Thanks Barb B. for reporting it!

As always, Pointedly is ad-free and completely free. Ongoing development and updates are supported by tips from kind people like you! If you are enjoying Pointedly, please consider supporting us with a tip. Also, reviews get reset with each update, so if you have a minute to leave a quick review, that makes it easier for other people to find the app. Thank you so much!

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