[Release] Pointedly 1.3

New Features

  • Search for a previous game while creating a new game to restart with the same players and settings. Thanks Christine S. and Heather M. for suggesting it!
  • View number of wins for all players in the player list. Thanks Cristi M., Damian C. and Colleen N. for suggesting it!
  • Sort players by number of games, number of wins, or alphabetically. Thanks Cristi M. and Colleen N. for suggesting it!


  • Creating a new player is much simpler when creating a game or editing settings. Thanks Tom S. for suggesting it!
  • Sharing the results of a game is faster and easier to find. Thanks Mark R. for suggesting it!
  • Removed the link to the app when sharing to focus just on your game results. Thanks Mark R. for suggesting it!
  • When scoring in rounds, the keyboard will always stay visible unless you explicitly hide it. Thanks Justin K. and Christi M. for suggesting it!
  • Restarting a game with the same players and settings is easier. Thanks Heather M. and Adam N. for suggesting it!
  • Added a footer when scoring incrementally to make it easier to find the large stepper buttons. Thanks Alex T. for suggesting it!


  • Resolved the largest source of crashes when updating a score in history.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to add a picture to a player while creating a game on iPad.
  • Fixed some crashes with the custom score/calculator keyboard. Thanks Cristi M. for reporting it!
  • Other minor bug fixes.

We hope this update helps you and your family keep scores even easier so you can spend less time worrying about the score and more time having fun. Let us know if you have any thoughts or feedback.

[Release] Pointedly 1.2

Just in time for the holidays, Pointedly 1.2 makes two key features much easier: entering scores and adding players to games.

Entering Scores

One of the most requested features was to add a simple calculator to make it simpler to add up your scores. This is particularly helpful for those games late at night when your brain doesn't want to do any more. Simply calculate the score as needed, or just enter it directly.

Adding Players

The previous version made it much easier to add players that you had already set up, but it was a little harder to get them in the first time. Now, you can just type the player's name. If they've already played a game, you'll see them show up and you can tap them to add them to the new game. Otherwise, just hit “Done” to create a new player. Quick and simple!

Additional Improvements

This version also added an Undo and Redo button right in the game screen to make it clearer and easier, addresses a number of bugs and makes minor performance improvements throughout the app.

[Release] Pointedly 1.1.1

  • With some great help, this version addresses the problem of data not coming over from the previous version. Sorry for the trouble!
  • Adds 3D Touch support for iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus with launch shortcuts and game previews.
  • Simplifies navigation of your player list, which is especially nice when you have lots of players.
  • Addresses some sizing issues to better support the iPhone 4S and other small screens.
  • Other bug fixes and stability improvements.

[Release] Pointedly 1.1

Along with iOS 9 support, this version adds some major updates. The app has undergone as beautiful design overhaul to make it easier to use. You now have the ability to restart a game with the same people and settings without overwriting the previous game and a bank of players so that you don't have to add the same person over and over again. We also added a gorgeous results screen so you can share all your victories.

Thanks for all your support and ideas. We are thrilled to be able to keep the app ad-free. We hope this makes your family games even easier!