Pointedly 1.5.0 release

We are thrilled to be able to get out another update before the holidays and all the game nights you have planned. This update is full of small tweaks and improvements to your score keeping experience.

New Features

  • Support for multiple winners. No more losing if you really tied! Thanks to Joanna M., Rene S., and Douglas M. for suggesting it!
  • iPhone X support. Thanks Caleb H. for suggesting it!
  • Add players to game by selecting from player list. Thanks Don P. for suggesting it!
  • Merge players from players list. Thanks Caleb H. and Bill J. for suggesting it!
  • Navigate to next or previous player when entering scores in history view.
  • Tap on player name in history view to enter score. Thanks Christi M. for suggesting it!
  • Delete game directly from game menu in main view of all games. Thanks Christi M. for suggesting it!
  • Mark a game as not ended if you ended it by mistake. Thanks Natalie R. for suggesting it!
  • Perform game actions in score view such as replaying or archiving.


  • Adding and editing scores, especially on small screens. Thanks Natalie, Murray R., Dennis B., Edgar V., Kevin B., Damian C., and Eric K. for reporting the issues!
  • Immediately start typing game name when tapping to create game. Thanks Adam N. for suggesting it!
  • Jump to typing player name after adding a player.
  • Winner’s name wraps instead of truncating in results if needed.
  • Updating a player avatar while keeping score is much simpler.
  • Changed icon for the menu button on a game in the list of game to be easier to find. Thanks Mohamad A. for suggesting it!


  • Sorting of players works consistently, both manual and by score. Thanks David L., Christopher J., Jace C., Ravi B., Yvette L., Tamer S., Kevin B., Mac B., and Terry C. for reporting it!
  • Game name no longer gets squished in results. Thanks Grant H. and Vicky J. for reporting it!
  • Updating a player’s name now shows properly in results. Thanks Sonya H. for reporting it!
  • Entering a game name with a space at the end will remove the extra spaces for you.
  • Prevent showing tip screen if you are not connected to the internet and cannot leave a tip.

As always, Pointedly is ad-free and completely free. Ongoing development and updates are supported by tips from kind people like you! If you are enjoying Pointedly, please consider supporting us with a tip. Also, if you have a minute to leave a quick review, that makes it easier for other people to find the app. Thank you so much!

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