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I have worked in software for a decade and a half. Much of that time has been spent as an engineer or engineering leader.

I have published my own apps, as well as built apps on an internal team and as a contractor.

Work Example

I had been tasked with creating a new app for O.C. Tanner that would pull in functionality from multiple different products. This effort was part of the overall migration to a unified platform.

App Architecture

Architecture diagram

Before starting on coding the app, I designed our the various layers and how they would interact.

Query Flow

Query UML Flow Diagram

We had succeeded in pushing for adoption of GraphQL, and I wanted to diagram our interaction when fetching data.

Mutation Flow

Mutation UML Flow Diagram

The app would have a local cache of data, and so I needed to diagram how data would flow when the user made updates.

Kind words people have said

I had the privilege of reporting directly to Ben as one of his iOS engineers. Ben is an outstanding manager. He is honest, raw, compassionate, aware, and technically well-rounded. He understands the constraints, strengths, and weaknesses his team experiences and is able to lead insightfully because of it. I grew immensely under his guidance and could not recommend working with Ben more.

Ben has been one of my favorite managers to work with. He is compassionate, caring, genuine, encouraging and gives the best advice. Whenever I was lost or needed help, Ben was very good at articulating scenarios, explaining each step thoroughly, and guiding me to the right direction. His influence and passion has helped me become a better programmer and write clean code. I am forever grateful to work with Ben and hope one day I can work with him again.

Ben is a great guy to work with. There are a couple of things that stand out to me about my time working with him. 1) He is a strong advocate for progress within the organization regarding the proper use of technology (future proofing, proper QA, etc.) and regarding mental health awareness. Many of the "taboo" topics around mental health were shared openly which caused me to have better awareness and appreciation for others and their perspectives. 2) Ben is a kind soul. We had the opportunity to travel abroad together with a small group and Ben is a genuine and sincere individual with a big heart and a strong dedication to growth. He's easy to work with and a good friend as well.

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Whether you need help planning the architecture to start building or to scale up, conducting thorough code reviews to ensure best practices, or actually writing the code, I’m your guy.

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The key to your success is having a mobile app that people want to use. I can provide guidance for the fundamental principles of your app, or provide detailed designs that will be easy to build.

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The most important part of any project is ensuring you are building the right thing. I will guide you to discovering what your users need and how to solve their problems in ways that will delight them.

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