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Most of my career has involved user experience and user interface design, including for the industry-leading wireframe software company Balsamiq.

For the past few years, I have focused on mobile app design, both designing my own apps, as well as enterprise mobile design for iOS and Android at O.C. Tanner.

Work example

I was asked to design a new flow for sending money internationally to someone. The first part of the flow was a redesign of existing functionality.


Original designs

The app had an existing aesthetic, and desired functionality for the feature I was asked to design.

Version 1

Design iteration

In the first version, I changed the UX flow to focus first on a person, and then on the amount to send.

Final Designs

Final designs

After getting client feedback, I adjusted the screens to be more heavily branded with a custom look and feel.

Kind words people have said

Ben is an empathetic leader. He is aware of the people he works with and has an amazing ability to make you feel safe to be able to open up and talk about the real things that are happening at work. He is passionate about growing himself, helping others be their best self, and sharing his own story to help others on their journey.

My experience working with Ben showed me what it looks like to be compassionate and fierce all at once. Ben comes to the table with a strong background in human centered design as well as a deep desire to see his colleagues and direct reports thrive. I have had the pleasure of witnessing Ben's openness about making & learning from mistakes and hope our paths cross again in the future.

Ben is an incredible person to work with. He brings care, attention, and detail to everything he does. He is so enjoyable to work with, and always delivers top quality results. I’ve seen Ben fill many different roles at one company, and he excelled at each role. Most of all, Ben brings a human element to the workplace that helps keep things real and reminds you that we’re all just regular people and we all deserve more humanity in our day to day work life. I’d recommend working with Ben to anyone, and would love the opportunity to work with him again as well.

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Mobile consulting

Whether you need help planning the architecture to start building or to scale up, conducting thorough code reviews to ensure best practices, or actually writing the code, I’m your guy.

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The key to your success is having a mobile app that people want to use. I can provide guidance for the fundamental principles of your app, or provide detailed designs that will be easy to build.

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Product Management

Mental health

The most important part of any project is ensuring you are building the right thing. I will guide you to discovering what your users need and how to solve their problems in ways that will delight them.

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