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Agendum 1.1.0 release

This version is a complete rewrite of the app from the ground up, using SwiftUI, Apple’s latest technology. Some of the highlights include:

  • Integration with system dark mode
  • Connect to external display for presentation
  • Full support for iPadOS features, including multiple windows, multitasking, and trackpad integration

I have had a great time making this update and hope you enjoy using it.

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Agendum 1.0.3 release

This adds a small feature and fixes a few issues that have been reported:

  • Allows for dragging text from outline view of an agendum to another agendum
  • Fix presentation screen background color for theme
  • Fix various backgrounds to be more readable in dark theme

Thanks for your help and support in making this better!

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Agendum 1.0.2 release

This fixes a few additional bugs reported since launch:

  • Fixes importing agenda from others apps
  • Adjusts presentation text sizes when resizing split view on iPad

Thanks so much for your help in improving the app so quickly!

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Agendum 1.0.1 release

This fixes a few bugs reported in the release:

  • Fixes problems creating agendas in nested folders
  • Fixes a crash when deleting the first element in an agenda
  • Fixes jumping cursor when typing in an agenda after controlling another device

Thanks so much for letting me know about these issues!

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