Agendum 1.0.0 release

Agendum is the easiest way to outline and present your text agenda.

Why I created this

When I became a manager and started running meetings, I found there was not a simple way to prepare and present agenda in those meetings. I created Agendum to do just that. You can quickly and easily type up your notes, and then without any work at all, display a beautiful presentation to keep everyone engaged and on topic.

Powerful outliner

A side benefit of creating Agendum to be a simple agenda preparation tool is that it is a great outliner. Use it to take notes, or just capture a brainstorm. You can easily indent or group topics together, and move them around.

Presentation options

Agendum has many flexible presentation options. You can AirPlay to an Apple TV, connect to a projector or external screen, or present directly on your device.

Dark theme

A gorgeous dark theme makes preparing and presenting in low light easy on your eyes. And with full system dark mode support, you can always have the best experience for the moment.

I hope this app helps you as much as it has me. Happy presenting!

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