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Light Table

Light Table is the best tool to help you quickly trace and draw custom illustrations, lettering, and other sketches. It transforms your device into an instant light table that you can carry with you everywhere. This is perfect for serious artists, or even for parents—no more taping pictures on windows!

Light Table

Ready to go

With the Light Table app, you are always ready for the moment when inspiration strikes. Whether you are traveling, or working around town, you can just grab your device and start tracing and improving your designs.

Light Table Image

Add images

Light Table make it easy to add your images. You can snap a picture, import from a file or your Photos, or even drag and drop on the iPad. You can also bring up previous images you have used, and reload them with all of the settings you were using.

Light Table Trace

Trace away

With the new Outline Mode, it is easier than ever to trace your images. You can scale and rotate the image as needed, adjust the brightness, and then lock the screen. Your image will stay put, your device will not lock, and you can get in the zone.